Monday, February 23, 2015

Return of the Trolls

Finally working my way around to my own trolls again. With the Path of Devestation League starting, my interest was piqued with the upgradable heroes. So I decided to kick the trolls back into gear and get some much needed support in the form of the Krielstone.

To fit my salvaged, war torn trencher trolls, I decided that a big magic stone was not the most suitable. So instead I figured he should carry a huge supply crate filled with ammo, rockets, scrap parts and booze. Complete with a tanktop and signature helmet of my trolls, this guy is bringing the support for his buddies.

A lot of the bits in the crate were taken from old GW Imperial Guard weapons teams kit. A gold mine of parts indeed. Also thrown in are some ammo strap off of 40K Orks, some plasticard, mini barrels not used on my Warders, and a nomad head.

I really wanted them to feel like mercs more than true trollbloods, so the rest of the unit will be carrying weapons and parts much like Raluk Moorclaw: A few trolls have goggles, some other have plated boots, another is carrying a Cygnar 'jack arm strapped to his back. All sorts of goodies. Aslo working on some alternate weapons.

More to come soon!

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