Friday, February 10, 2012

Saim-Hann Farseer

A Saim-Hann Farseer on a jetbike. A commission for a buddy at my LGS. The runes were pure freehand. The model (not converted/built by me) is from Chapterhouse Studios. Working on an accompanying jetbike Seer Council as well.

Boss Snagbolt

So I was looking to mix it up with my orks and had a good bit of bitz laying around, so I scratch built what will now be a Warboss/Big Mek/ Weird Boy for my Adeptuz Mekanikuz Waaagh! I wanted to try out a Weirdboy mostly, but still give him that Mek theme that I am keeping throughout my army, so I gave him the Techpriest-esque robes and what would be the Ork equivalent of a Psycannon to add in some fluff. Halfway through working on it I realized it could pass for a Big Mek as well so I gave him a back mounted KFF generator (actually a teleport beacon from the Terminator Kit.)

A large portion of this guy was greenstuffed, such as the cowl, coat and body. The legs were cast from a Nob. To get a solid core and a good base to start off of, the torso was made by green-stuffing around a normal boy torso. The head is from the AOBR Warboss and the Power Klaw is a Nob big choppa part. His gun was actually made from a IG Weapon Team Lascannon and a few other orky bitz. Had a few old headphones lying around and chopped up some cord to get some easy wiring for him. Definitely one of the most fun models I've worked on.