Sunday, October 27, 2013

For This and All Nights to Come

Its been a bit of time since I've gotten to work on some Circle, as my recent commission work as kept me sidetracked.

Here is my Night's Watch inspired Saxon Orrik!

I wanted to have a gruff and grizzled look, so I took elements from GoT's Lord Commander Mormont (one of my favorite characters from the books/ shows.

 The crow was added from the Menoth Wracks kit and the hood and facial hair was green stuffed in.
Heavy snow dusting was painted on with a few sections lightly dusted with the snow basing flock to add a bit of visual and physical texture. Had a blast working on this guy and and currently chipping away at the others on the to do list. Speaking of to do lists I've leave this one with a cliffhanger for you ASOIAF book readers who are on the up and up: