Saturday, April 28, 2012

A plague upon you!

Gearing up for my next, and biggest conversion, a fully sculpted Great Unclean One! Starting off with some conceptual work.

Try to give a clear great unclean one look, but go for something a little more unique. Leaning more towards the multiple eye look with the less wormlike body, but still not 100%.

General approach will be building the body from foamcore, doing a basic shape/block skeleton. Then cutting down and rounding out until I get the shape I want. From there, fill in the gaps with Drydex spackling and sanding that down. Finally, the down and dirty work, scuplting the detail with a later of greenstuff over the whole body.

Definitely looking forward to this!

Monday, April 9, 2012

"Granddaddy": Apostles of Contagion Daemon Prince

"Granddaddy" is my Bioshock inspired Daemon Prince for a Apostles of Contagion force I am currently working on.

Here are the initial stages of him. Used the Nurgle Daemon Prince body. The drill arm was molded from a Killa Kan drill and the wiring was guitar strings. (32 and 42 gauge). The headpiece was entirely greenstuffed, I didnt want to try to have some sort of hollow dome to glue on so i just built up a greenstuff dome in thick ayers, placing some guitar string between the upper layers. For the rollcage, I just used thick pins and paperclips. Zipkicker definitely aided in this as they were a complete pain in the ass to do. I wanted a very renegade/ scrapped together look for this force so I gave him a jerry rigged IG autocannon, tied to him with chains (found a Michael s in their jewelry section, dirt cheap too.) and barbed wire from Army Painter. Although the model is styled after the Bouncer Big Daddies, i felt it would look odd with an empty hand, so I gave it something reminisce of the Rivet gun.

The little sister was a must for this model and when I found the mini with the gas mask it screamed Nurgle. Got her from Hasslefree Minatures. Even gave her a doll of the Daemon Prince (in the picture below)

This was definitely my grungiest, filthiest models. Started off with a dark brown and worked my way up to Vomit Brown. The Apostles of Contagion are normally full brass, but I felt metalllic marines wouldnt offer as much as far as quality grim, filth and ooze, so I took some liberties went with a yellowish hue.

Hope you folks enjoy!