Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Apostles of Contagion Super Update!

A whole mess of models for my Apostles of Contagion force. Planning on doing both a CSM and Renegades army.

Next up some Terminators I salvaged from an older army. Going for a good accompanying unit for my Bioshock inspired Daemon Prince.. The heads are actually the exhaust vents from Chaos backpacks.

Another salvaged model, A Nurgle Dread. Was lucky to find the FW chainfist at my FLGS, as all I had was that aweful, awful claw bit in my bitzbox.

And now for some renegades! My Disciples of Xaphan and Scout Sentinels. The heads are the Iron Reich Chem Trooper from Kromlech. Chopped up some lasguns to make them Shotguns. Then sentinels were a on the whim buy, as I got them both in a local auction for $15, in addition to some Chimaeras. 


More to come soon!

Great Unclean One: Pt 1

So after some advice from a fellow scratch builder, I went and picked up a batch of Sculpey. Started with a tin foil core and built up from there.

Day Two: Baked the main form and started greenstuff work.

More to come in the next few days!