Saturday, April 19, 2014


The Earthborn Dire Troll. This guy. Was fun.

As the EBDT was basically naked, he didn't really fit the salvaged, "at war" theme I've been running with, so he got some serious armor treatment.

Using Privateers Brown/Aluminum stuff to get those hard edges, He was given various plating, a helmet with straps and chin-plate, belly plate and an assortment of straps. The long greenstuff strap was rolled out and flattened, then after fully cured, cut and wrapped from the front of the torso, under the arm, and to the back plate.

Once again the rivers were done with a mechanical pencil tip (I have a metal 0.7mm that is not too thick on the end so it really gets a clean press. The buckles on the helmet were done following the tut for buckles NQ47 IK Gobber article.

Really excited in about getting some paint on this one and have had a lot of positive feedback already on this guy. Mostly because he looks like a linebacker ready to demolish whatever finds itself in front of him.

Just got my Thumper crew in the mail too along with matching dice for my .45 fury tokens. I always have to have swirly dice apparently. These are the Gold Leaf Gemini 16mm from Chessex.

Until next time!

New Trolls!

Recently I decided to take a break from my Circle and work on some new stuff. I had bought and painted a Gunny model some time ago. I wasnt satisfied with his paintjob so I stripped him down and repainted him. Then I realized how much I like Gunnbjorn and said screw it, Im making a Gunnbjorn force.

Mind you, none of these are finished, hell, most of them are just a basecoat of brown, but I figured I'd get this up and going.

Gunny himself, on a new spiffy base..

The brown is Vallejo's Dark Rust and I decided to do the skin not as blue, going with a base of Greycoat Grey and adding Trollblood Highlight to it as I lightened it up (can be seen on the face.)

The big thing I wanted to do with this army was theme it with a very Gunny/troll trencher look. So many of the models are sporting salvaged armor and clothing, such as these Fennblades.

 The rivet bits were done with an empty mechanical pencil.

The Impaler sports some salvaged rockets strapped to sticks, taking a page out of the Deliverers' book. The rocket bits were taken from 40k Orks.

The Axer's face was bulked up (couldn't stand the metal ones face) and he was given a Cygnaran Defender's cannon. Ok, he wasn't given it, he ripped it right off.

I was a bit disappointed upon getting the plastic Diretroll kit to find that the Bomber was the same as the metal. So I went ahead and used those new gorgeous Mauler hands, now hurling a scrap metal bomb (an 40k Ork wrecking ball). The pyg's face was covered and helmeted due to some pretty nasty mold lines along his mouth/teeth.

Lastly, to unify my theming, I made some custom tokens/markers/accessories.

Gunny's Rock Wall template:

Spell and animus tokens, made from plasticard and Fury tokens, made from 45 casings.

Much more to come in the future! EBDT and Swamp Gobbers are being built as we speak! Enjoy folks!