Friday, September 6, 2013

Rompin' Stompin' Freebooter!

With the end of summer about, I've been pulled away from my painting in the recent days with all sorts of distractions. However in my last few days off I managed to get a new one done!

I've always been a fan of the Freebooter and have always wanted to just work on one. So I did! Picked this guy up, sat down and built him in a couple hours, then went to town with the paint.

With the introduction of the new Merc Minion Jack Marshal, Rulak Moorclaw, I immediately knew I wanted some jacks for my Gatormen, this guy and a Buccaneer especially. I wanted to make him look like he belonged with them, but still apart, so I kept the base cohesive with their and gave him a little swampy dock. The planks were made out of craft sticks and the piling from a wooden dowel.

 I've always loved the Freebooter's pose so I ran with it and had him smashing through the piling, splinters shooting everywhere. They were simply glued together and hit with some zip kicker for a quick hold (To which im honestly surprised they held up so well). Added a bit of jewelry chain to just give the base a little more oomph so to speak, its the little things that count.

One of my favorite mini's to date, just gotta get him on the table now!