Saturday, August 2, 2014

Helmet Tutorial

A few people have asked for a tutorial on how to do the stahlhelm-like headgear my trolls wear.

Things you'll need:
-Sculpting tool(s) w/ flat blade and depressor ends
-Your choice of two-part sculpting putty
-Empty Mechanical Pencil
-A model

Step 1. Roll out a ball of sculpting putty, For these helmets, I use Privateers Brown/Aluminim as it retains a hard edge and is filable, though any type should do fine. The size of the ball depends on the size of the head.

Step 2. Gently press the ball on the head of the model. It should hang on the sides of the head with equal length. If the putty looks like it may be too big or small, now is the time to take it off and adjust the amount.

Step 3. Take the depressor end of your sculpting tool and flatten out the sides, front, top and back of the helm. It should somewhat resemble a koopa shell. Be sure to keep your tools wet.

Step 4: With your flat blade end (WET!), gently press in and down with the side of the tool to create a lip on the rim of the helm. This is a gradual process and is the trickiest part and may require a few do-overs the first try. Don't be afraid to pull it off and try again. Be sure to keep the lip the same thickness throughout.

Step 5: Take your mechanical pencil (make sure there is no lead in the tip) and gently press it into the sides where the temple area is to create a rivet. Before you finish up, add in any battle damage with light marks and scores with your sculpting tools (not exactos!)

Step 6: Roll out two tiny ropes of putty and press them flat on a wet surface. Allow them to cure halfway. Gently pull them up to avoid any stretching and place them on the sides underneath the rivet to create straps. If desired, press your mechanical pencil on the end of the strip to create a button/snap.

Now you done!

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